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  • How do I pay for the courses?
    Payment is not due until first day of class. We accept Cash, Credit Card, Check, PayPal and Venmo. To receive early pay discount please be sure to mention students name and course id in comments section. Check: John Ercolano PayPal: Venmo: john-ercolano@lyfgrd4u
  • Cancellation/Refunds
    Class registration may be cancelled up to 48 hours before the class starts at no cost. After that point an amount equal to one half of the cost of the class will be nonrefundable. Should a participant not complete the precourse session a refund will be issued minus $50.00. No refund or credits will be issued for failing to show up for all scheduled class sessions, or for unsuccesfully completing the course requirements. Makeup sessions can be arranged on an individual basis.
  • How Do I Register
    To register for any of our courses, fill out the form, located at the bottom of any page, with the students information. The course id is the number following the name of the class beginning with letters then 4 numbers in parentheses. By filling out this information a space in the class will be reserved for you, should your plans change, please be courteous and cancel your registration, so that another person can have the spot. Payment is not required in advance, information will be provided after submission of the form. However should you wish to Pre-Pay: PayPal: Venmo: john ercolano@lyfgrd4u
  • How Do I Find My Certificate?
    Certification is provided to all successful students upon course completion by email from the American Red Cross. Learner records are maintained by the Red Cross by email, therefore each student will need to provide their own email address. If you have not received an email with your certificate go to the site below and use the name/date method to search, if still not found try the email search method. If even after using both of these methods you still can not find your certificate then send us an email from the contact us page. Their will be a $25.00 fee if the certificate is found on the search page. Find My Red Cross Certificate
  • What happens in inclement weather
    Rain: Class will continue. Thunder: Class will continue with classroom activities in a secure location. Cold Weather: Class will continue with classroom activities. It is suggested all students bring plenty of warm clothing to all sessions. Storms: Before class start time: In the event of severe storms we will attempt to run the class. Proceed to class location, decision to cancel class may not be made until class start time. During class: Studentts will be taken out of the water and brought to a safe and secure location. Parents may pick up their child however teenage students will not be allowed to leave the facility until it is deemed safe for them to do so. Out intent is to have all classes run on scheduled days and times. While keeping the safety of the students and instructors in mind. Should portions of a class need to be cancelled students will be told before leaving the location when they may attend another class to makeup the portions missed.
  • Where do I find the links for the pre-course activities?
    Lifeguarding and Shallow Water Lifeguarding: Online component: Lifeguard Training Manual: LG_PM_digital.pdf Instructor Classes: The link for completing the pre-course work is class specific and the link sent with your registration confirmation must be used. It will come from the Red Cross (Sales Force). Instructor Candidates Materials:
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